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Crossroads City: Phnom Penh

Cambodian monks at the entrance of the National Museum in Phnom Penh (Photograph by Palani Mohan)

By Intelligent Travel I followed her gaze, where she had spied a gecko clinging to a high corner. In her innocent mispronunciation, she’d touched on something I felt was hauntingly apropos: Despite its breathtaking pace of transformation, this is still, for me, a city of echoes, reverberations of the past.“Mama, do you see that echo?” my daughter asked. “On the ...

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Adventure 101: Stand-Up Paddle Boarding

A stand-up paddle boarder glides along the waters of Hawaii. (Photograph by Jayms Ramirez)

By Intelligent Travel The fastest-growing water sport in the world, stand-up paddle boarding (SUP) was born in the Hawaiian Islands, and with calm jungle rivers and 50 miles of beaches, Kauai is one of the best places for the sport. “SUP is the marriage of the two most important water sports in Hawaiian culture: surfing and outrigger paddling,” says Laird ...

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Zen and the Art of Bicycling

Cyclists make their way around Taiwan's Sun Moon Lake in Nantou County. (Photograph by Michael Yamashita, Corbis)

By Jeanine Barone So, while riding a sleek bullet train in Taiwan recently, where the towering Taipei 101 skyscraper stands as testament to the country’s economic bustle, I never expected that a mere hour of cycling would locate me in a living, breathing haiku: a physical experience that occupies a brief moment in time, but, though simple, presents a great ...

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Tips for a Stress-Free Safari

The African safari is high on many travelers's bucket lists. Find out how to make your experience as stress-free as possible. (Photograph by Jan Fritz, Alamy)

By Jeannette Kimmel Last year, my new husband and I ventured to Zimbabwe for a once-in-a-lifetime safari experience to celebrate our milestone together. Neither of us had ever traveled anywhere in Africa before, so planning our adventure was both exciting and exhausting. Here are a few things we learned—both before and during our trip—that will save you some headaches and ...

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Best of the West: Sweden by the Sea

In coastal Sweden, life revolves around the harbor, ebbing and flowing with the day's haul. (Photograph by Christian Åslund)

By Intelligent Travel “Oysters always taste best when you open them yourself,” says Hanna Thorén Karlsson, as she throws a thick blond braid over her shoulder and grabs a bivalve from a bed of seaweed. With a move that would bloody a lesser shucker, she slices the oyster in half. “The first rule of shucking oysters,” she adds, “is that ...

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I Heart My National Park: Acadia

Bass Harbor Lighthouse

By I Heart My National Park This glorious patchwork of parkland, private property, and seaside villages seasonally fills with what residents call “the summer people”—visitors getting their fill of the scenic splendor and serenity that Acadia has to offer in spades.The first national park east of the Mississippi, Maine’s Acadia National Park comprises nearly 50,000 acres of rocky coastline on ...

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United We Eat in D.C.

Friends share a laugh at a communal dining area in D.C.'s Union Market. (Photograph by Seth Rubin)

By Intelligent Travel Hoping to witness democracy in action in Washington, D.C.? Head to Union Market, a new seat of culinary power northeast of the U.S. Capitol that’s as much of a throwback as it is progressive. Here in an up-and-coming neighborhood known as NoMA (north of Massachusetts Avenue), what was once a gloomy warehouse has been transformed into a ...

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Living-History Lessons in Berlin

Berlin's complicated past—including sections of the wall that long separated the east from the west—is on display everywhere you look. (Photograph by blickwinkel, Alamy)

By Don George It’s one thing to stand in a place where a historic event transpired a thousand years ago. It’s entirely different to stand in a spot where history was made during your own lifetime. This lesson resonated for me recently on a mind-expanding cruise around the Baltic Sea. Our voyage included day tours in Stockholm, Tallinn, Helsinki, St. ...

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Egypt: The Case for Going

The Mortuary Temple of Hatshepsut is located on the west bank of the Nile, across the river from Luxor. (Photograph by Mohamed Abd El Ghany, Corbis)

By Andrew Evans I have never received as many concerned messages as I did on a recent trip to Egypt. The nation has made headlines lately, and few have been positive. Realities on the ground in Luxor, though, were different. On my first morning in the ancient Egyptian capital, I went for a run. Every block or two I encountered ...

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