Maldives: What Dreams Are Made Of

Tucked away in South Asia, the Maldives have been a hidden gem for quite some time, but with high profile vacationers like Kevin Hart and Sienna Miller, this island nation is back on the map.

The Maldives are composed of 26 atolls in the Indian Ocean, Southwest of India and Sri Lanka. Unspoiled white sandy beaches, crystal clear water and colourful coral reefs are signature characteristics of this island paradise. Let`s not forget the tropical climate that envelopes the entire experience and sets the tone for the perfect romantic luxury getaway. The native language is Dhivehi, however, most locals speak fluent English.

With its numerous island resorts, pristine views and 5-star service, the Maldives is in a league of its own when it comes to luxury travel.

Guests are whisked away from Ibrahim Nasir International Airport via The Maldivian`s chartered boats or planes. This serves as the primary method of transportation for guest’s resort destination.

Resorts typically span the length of the islands. Accommodations range from secluded villas among tropical blooms and foliage, to luxurious water bungalows, nestled above sapphire water. Outdoor bathes and private pools are a staple with most beach resorts. All necessities come with a tropical twist, offering a break from reality and entry into fantasy.

Guests can leave the details of the itinerary with a personal concierge, allowing for more rest and relaxation. The Maldives offers world class spa treatments. Kihaad Resort Spa offers 5-star spa services and has professionally trained masseuses from Bali, waiting to help you de-stress, unwind and experience a superior level of comfort.

Gastronomy is never overlooked, nor overrated. The Maldives imports majority of their goods from neighbouring countries, therefore, there`s a vast selection of food and drink. From colourful fresh fruit and leafy greens, to creamy, cheesy pasta dishes and desserts, the bountiful selection is bound to satisfy even the pickiest eaters.Guests who desire added romance, can dine under the stars, by opting for a private beachfront dinner at an additional cost.

For the cocktail lovers, Cognac-connoisseurs and wine experts, the Maldives has not forgotten about you. This tropical paradise is governed by Sharia Law, therefore, alcohol is strictly prohibited but loop-holed… this doesn’t apply to the island’s resorts so, bottoms up!

Conveniently located in the middle of the Indian Ocean, the sun, setting and sand, manifest into your personal playground. Deep-sea diving, snorkelling, kayaking and jet-skiing are just some activities guests can enjoy. For those who appreciate the finer things in life, chartered yachts are available to explore the neighbouring islands or party at sea. If aquatic wildlife and coral reefs interest you, all while staying dry, Penguin Maldives, has you covered.  It`s a semi-submersible vehicle, that is designed to take you underwater in style, safety and comfort.

If `low-key` luxury is what you prefer, guests can grab a cocktail and recline on the sprawling beach or pool-side cabanas. Lastly, guests can drift away in the warm,alluring,ocean or luxury infinity pools, while listening to soothing music.

maldives pool

If you are planning a wedding, honeymoon or romantic getaway, the Maldives should be at the top of your list for a blissful exotic island experience.


By Mel Allen