Five photographers you need to know

By Alexandra Frappier

Every day, I used to visit a lot of blogs to expand my personal culture. This week I decided to choose five photographers in order to promote their talent. As we know, photography can be used in different ways. Since the invention of photography, that medium was used to take portraits. Between the 18th and 20th centuries, the photography evolved over contemporary art. Thus, since the 20th century, art has consequently considered photography as a “medium” because the artists have used it as a tool to complete their artwork. For them, it permits to illustrate their work as conceptual. In sum, using photography as art is considered in the history of photography as a modernist initiative. Since that evolution, the artists of our generation are still using photography as a base of images to illustrate some artistic concepts.

That said, the five photographers that I chose to present have a different ways to illustrate their ideas.

Janneke Van Der Hagen : London

Based in London, Janneke Van Der Hagen is a Dutch photographer. Her series: Under the influence have captivated my attention because her pictures are concentrated on the details.


 TJ Tambellini : Los Angeles

Last week, I discovered the abstract photography of TJ Tambelini. First of all, this photographer is based in Los Angeles. Like Janneke Van Der Hagen, these photographs are focusing on details, structures, hyperrealism colors and frames. [1] That said, Tambellini’s work about close-ups permits an illusion of abstraction and attract our attention on the details of observations.


Ozge Cone : London

«The people who are lost in time or  lose memories loss. We are losin’. »

-Oze Cone


David Shama : Paris

On his website, David Shama explains his work as a storytelling. His pictures reflected his vision that’s rejected the fact that pictures don’t have to be necessarily narrative to project a story. That said, one picture could resume a thousand words.


Noell Oszvald : Budapest

To conclude, the work of Noell Osvald resumes the principle of using photography as a tool to illustrate an artistic idea. To Osvald, she’s not a photographer. Photography represented for her a base of images.