The CEO Of The Pokémon Company Never Thought That Pikachu Would Be So Popular


Tsunekazu Ishihara, president and CEO of the Pokemon Company, waves as he arrives to demonstrate on the Pokemon Art Academy for Nintendo 3DS at the Nintendo booth at the Electronic Entertainment Expo on Wednesday, June 11, 2014, in Los Angeles. (AP Photo/Jae C. Hong) In an interesting interview with Tsunekazu Ishihara, the CEO of The Pokémon Company, he talks about ...

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Google Joins The Fight To End Zika Virus Spread

google zika

On March 3rd, Google announced new initiatives aimed at curbing the spread of the Zika virus in Brazil and Latin America with enhanced mapping data and more detailed online information about the mosquito-borne virus. The search giant announced that it has partnered with UNICEF to create an open source platform that can be used to map the spread of Zika and ...

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European Organization for Nuclear Research On The Hunt For Artists

nuclear artists

Are you a scientifically-minded artist? Well, take note; there is an artists residency program at CERN. The European Organization for Nuclear Research in Geneva and the Foundation for Art and Creative Technology (FACT) in Liverpool have recently announced an international open call for their new “COLLIDE International Award.” The prize is a three-month, fully-funded residency, split between the two organizations, and ...

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Social Media Guidelines For Artists and Gallery Owners

Art social media

Artists no longer need to starve as sites like Pinterest, Facebook and Tumblr allow them to leverage their creativity to market their works. According to market research firm First Research, there are about 5,000 art dealers and galleries in the U.S. with combined annual revenue of approximately $6 billion, and Art Market Monitor estimates the size of the overall global ...

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5 Trends and Technologies Shaping the Future of Art

future art tech

With the ever-accelerating rate of technological change, it is impossible to accurately predict where we are heading. There are too many unknowns, too many inventions and ideas that will arise between now and ten years from now which will push and pull us in unanticipated directions. Here are five art trends and technologies that are already building our future art ...

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2015’s Most Technologically Advanced Nations

Technologically Advanced

Technology is the application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes, especially in industry. Many nations worldwide have used technology to enhance the quality of life of their people. Here are the 12 most technologically advanced countries in the world as of 2015: 12) China China has often been touted as the next super power. Some say that it is already ...

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An End to Language Barriers

end to language barrier

For more than a decade, Skype has been breaking down geographical barriers to make every day audio and video communications possible. As we enter an era in which computing experiences need to be more personal, Skype has looked at ways to help communities create stronger connections and be more productive. Using innovations from Microsoft Research, Skype is now removing another ...

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Buy buy buy: Why all of your favorite social networks want you to shop now


By Seth Fiegerman What are you doing on social networks? Chatting with friends? What does that do for the American economy? Nothing, that’s what. Silicon Valley has a better idea: instead of liking baby photos, why aren’t you shopping? Yes, it’s the e-commerce moment for social media companies like Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram, which we always knew would monetize our ...

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Millennials rely on Facebook for politics news more than anywhere else


By Jason Abbruzzese The News Feed is the new 9 p.m. news. Millennials go to Facebook for political news more than any other resource, according to yet another study that cements the media dominance of the social network among younger Americans. The Pew Research Center found that 61% of millennials said they get political news from Facebook at least once ...

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6 Crazy Awesome Tech Products on Kickstarter Right Now


By Kim Lachance Shandrow From a $9 computer to a ridiculously smart trash can, here are the coolest projects on the crowdfunding platform right now. Kickstarter is a groundbreaking hotbed of indie innovation and it’s only getting hotter. Today, six years after its debut, the social juggernaut that has helped entrepreneurs raise more than $1.7 billion in pledges continues to set ...

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