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Hong Kong for Art Lovers

Opus - Hong Kong skyline night

By David McKenzie Like everybody else visiting Hong Kong, art lovers will never be at a loss for exciting things to see and do. A truly global city, Hong Kong has more of everything than you could ever need. More people, more shops, more bars, more panoramic skyscraper viewing points, more historical sites, more beaches, more hiking trails, more events, ...

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Australia for Art Lovers (Part II): Hobart, Brisbane and Adelaide

Opus Australia 2 - Adelaide

By David McKenzie Australia is an immense country, and visitors cannot easily explore in depth all of its spread-out cities. But for those looking to get off the Sydney-Melbourne conveyor belt, Australia’s second-tier cities can offer just as much for art-lovers, with much less hassle. HOBART Too often overlooked by visitors focused on Australia’s mainland cities, Hobart is something of ...

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Five photographers you need to know


By Alexandra Frappier Every day, I used to visit a lot of blogs to expand my personal culture. This week I decided to choose five photographers in order to promote their talent. As we know, photography can be used in different ways. Since the invention of photography, that medium was used to take portraits. Between the 18th and 20th centuries, ...

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Sly Talent or Shameless Gimmick? Sylvester Stallone on Display

Opus Sly Stallone - 1

By David McKenzie Art should be an avenue for personal expression, manifested in whatever form. As an audience, we are tasked with the courtesy of giving an artist’s expression a moment to impact us – initially we may feel shock, disgust, pleasure, or indifference. But the conventional practice of checking our initial responses, of giving the artwork a chance to ...

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Photo London: Looking Back and Looking Forward

Covent Garden

By David McKenzie It is a cellophane-wrapped secret that London hopes its new photography fair will be able to challenge, or at least suck up some of the success of, the highly acclaimed Paris Photo. And while Photo London attracted plenty of attention and fanfare during its inaugural edition last month, it remains to be seen whether it will be ...

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The Glasgow School of Art Fire, a Year On

Glasgow School of Art restoration works

By David McKenzie The Glasgow School of Art largely survived a major scare last May, when its iconic Charles Rennie Mackintosh building suffered a fire, started by the ignition of a foam spray can which was part of a student’s final project just days before the students’ annual final-year degree show. A lot of people held their breath as the ...

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Nice for Art Lovers

Opus Nice - Nice 2

By David McKenzie Artists have been drawn to Nice for generations. Its balmy Mediterranean climate and delicious local cuisine make it an easy place to remain, and its spectacular ocean views and intense, vibrant sunlight provide endless inspiration and intrigue to painters and sculptors. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that Nice, while not matching other French cities in ...

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Monaco Summer Highlights 2015

Monaco Summer - Tony Bennet Lady Gaga

By David McKenzie Monaco is a busy, exciting place each and every summer, with many of the world’s biggest stars and top-shelf events in town. But in addition to Monaco’s many famous annual events you have likely already heard about, here are some specific highlights on the 2015 summer calendar. “Red”: Open-air Sculpture Exhibition by the Artists in Movement, July ...

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9 Art Events to Attend in New York City This Week


By The Editors of ARTnews MONDAY, JUNE 1 Opening: Robert Irwin at Dia:Beacon Light and Space artist Robert Irwin presents his Excursus: Homage to the Square3 at Dia:Beacon (a museum whose masterplan he created), 15 years after its first iteration premiered at Dia Center for the Arts in New York City. The original piece,Prologue: x183, was created as a tribute to artist Josef ...

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Art Monaco and The Luxury Guru – Interview


No event attracts world’s wealthiest like Art & no place attracts them more than Monaco. ART MONACO (July 9-12) The BEST of both! By Lorre White, ‘The Luxury Guru’. No event attracts world’s wealthiest like Art & no place attracts them more than Monaco. ART MONACO (July 9-12) The BEST of both! By Lorre White, ‘The Luxury Guru’.   With ...

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