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5 Trends and Technologies Shaping the Future of Art

future art tech

With the ever-accelerating rate of technological change, it is impossible to accurately predict where we are heading. There are too many unknowns, too many inventions and ideas that will arise between now and ten years from now which will push and pull us in unanticipated directions. Here are five art trends and technologies that are already building our future art ...

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Ten Art Exhibitions In 2016 You Don’t Want To Miss


  While the Internet has opened us up to enjoying artwork created all around the world, nothing will ever beat a real-life, first-hand experience. Seeing a painting or sculpture up close can elicit emotions that staring at a computer screen could never replicate. Overall, art has become more accessible, but interacting with paintings, installations or sculptures, or seeing them up ...

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World’s Biggest St. Patrick’s Day Celebrations

st patrick's river

Regardless of your actual heritage, everyone’s a little bit Irish during the month of March. That might help explain why elaborate St. Patrick’s Day celebrations can be found across the globe every year. Outside of Ireland, some of the biggest March 17 events are held in the U.S., but all of these cities host parades, festivals, and plenty of Irish dancing. ...

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Discover The Top 25 Destinations In The World of 2015


Explore this year’s Travelers’ Choice Award-winning destinations, based on millions of reviews by travelers. Discover grand cities, exciting trip ideas, and unforgettable sights. Which one will you discover first? Marrakesh, Morocco The new Travelers’ Choice #1 Destination in the world, Marrakech is a magical place, brimming with markets, gardens, palaces, and mosques. Exploring the intimate courtyards and snaking alleyways of ...

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Top 10 Cities for Art Lovers

rome art

In the art capitals of the world, art is everywhere – not only in the famous galleries and churches, but even in the most unexpected places. Turn the corner in Rome to discover a shrine high in the wall, or a colourful mural under a bridge. If you’re visiting a city for the first time, however, the galleries are a ...

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22nd Edition of the Armory Show: A Major Hit

armory show major hit

  When it comes to attendance and sales, this year’s annual Armory Show was by all accounts among the most successful. After the VIP opening evening on March 3rd, names and numbers rolled in at a quick pace and prices for works on offer to generous spenders ranged anywhere from $1,000 a seven-figure artwork by Alberto Giacometti. The show’s reputation was cemented by ...

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Fashion Takes a Royal Lead in Monaco

Opus Princess Charlene - Portrait

By David McKenzie This summer has been a busy one for Princess Charlene of Monaco, and a memorable one for royal fashion watchers. After giving birth to twins at the end of last year, Zimbabwe-born Princess Charlene has frequently been out on public duty and turning heads with her faultlessly elegant fashion taste. She is an established fashion icon in ...

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Milan for Art Lovers

Opus Milan - Milan 1

By David McKenzie Visitors to Italy may make, or follow, a presumptive distinction: Milan represents the new Italy, Rome and Florence the old. The former is fair enough: Milan is today the unrivalled financial centre of Italy, part of the country’s largest metropolitan area, studded with shiny new buildings and covered in well-maintained streets, and served by excellent public transport ...

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Marseille for Art Lovers

Opus Marseille - 2

By David McKenzie Bustling African marketplaces. Centuries-old buildings creeping into the sparkling Mediterranean. Towering apartment blocks. Gentle sea breeze mixing with the heavenly steam of a slow-bubbling fish stew. Five different languages overheard on a two-minute stroll. A shiny modern monolith skyscraper. Hectic streets and quiet beaches. Marseille is a fascinating concoction of contrasts. Cultures combine, styles clash and nothing ...

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The Helsinki-Guggenheim Arm Wrestle Drags On – Why?

Opus Helsinki - Guggenheim Bilbao

By David McKenzie Paris-based French-Japanese architecture firm Moreau Kusunoki were recently announced winners of a high-profile competition to design Helsinki’s proposed Guggenheim museum. The consciously modest, utilitarian design features separate buildings of charred timber, connected by external walkways, with one central focal point. It has been labelled a “wake-up call to architecture,” featuring a return to a dedication to functional ...

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