About Us

Opus Magazine is your cultural diary. Our goal is to provide readers with an international outlook on the world of arts, culture, and entertainment through the written word, and to be your guide to the latest trends, events, creative giants and up-and-comers alike that keep the global arts and pop culture spheres buzzing.

Our content may be vast, but we believe that the world is small, and incredibly interconnected: where creative influences overcome the distance of oceans through the click of a trackpad, and no destination is ever out of reach.

Opus aims to seek out trends, artists, and events of all different genres in order to create a platform that whets and satisfies your thirst for the most current and indulgent stories out there. Bringing you the best of luxury goods, music, travel, fashion, literature, and visual arts, Opus has got what you need to know.

Opus Magazine has been in operation since 2014.